“I embarked on a 21 day Sadhana program with 2 hour workshops and daily supportive contact from Sam if I needed any questions answered. We also had our peer group chats which were full of mutual encouragement and sharing our experiences together .
It felt very personal to me and we were lead through our morning routine daily either live on line or on playback for us to do at a time to suit .
It has helped me to understand how my mind works, to quieten my thoughts, to understand myself a little bit more, to feel calm , to just sit , to accept my surroundings and to slowly love myself and others. It is helping me daily to discover the real me and I love it. Not to mention the gut benefits , some of the breathing exercises stimulate gut action very beneficially !
Thank you So much and to the rest of the group , together we encouraged each other through our own individual journeys and I will take this with me on a daily basis through all that life throws in my way , Thankyou to all involved
From a very grateful student.”

Jacqui M


Sam Merron has given me two reiki sessions. I admit I knew nothing about reiki before, but a mutual friend recommended I ask Sam for a session.   Sam arranged a time for us to connect, as it was to be a distant session. I have to admit I had reservations, but the session was extremely soothing. I have recently suffered a bereavement and am not coping well at all.

I felt extremely peaceful during the session, and instantly felt soothed. I told Sam afterwards that I wasn’t sure if it was because the reiki session had “worked”, or because I felt comforted that someone was “being kind”. However, the results were very significant, I felt that I was able to cope far better with life, and I felt that I was more accepting of my bereavement. I now have an understanding that loss is a part of life and love, a renewed acceptance of the inevitability of death, and the belief  that my loved one is now at peace.

My next session was 4 weeks later:

Something has definitely happened this evening. For the first time since mum died, I felt relaxed and haven’t spent the evening in tears.  I usually take several sleep aids, but fell asleep this evening on the sofa, straight after the Reiki and have just woken up hoping that this feeling continues – reiki certainly seems to give me a peace that counselling and speaking with friends doesn’t match.

I’m extremely grateful and feel  my sessions with Sam have brought calm and comfort, and that has benefitted me greatly.


I can’t praise Sam enough for the beautiful Kryia set and breathwork she has taught me alongside a mindful meditation practice that has shown me how to achieve presence and understanding of the ‘witness mind’. Her guidance and support during these teachings have been boundless during a challenging point in my life which have helped me transform and shift past emotions and difficulties. I would really recommend her to anyone who is willing to find themselves a better way to be. Thank you Sam.

Pippa Gordon


Review for The Positivity Mindset 21 day Sadhana
Having been given a nudge by a friend to sign up for the course, I’m not afraid to admit that I was a little sceptical about what 21 days of breathing exercises (kriyas) and meditation could really add to my somewhat bumpy ride on the road to my own recovery, but how wrong I was! Having completed 21 days, I felt so good. We were encouraged us to keep a journal and in the middle of the course, I considered what the benefits were. This is what I wrote:

  • Building a regular practice
  • increase of ‘no mind’
  • Positive daily action
  • Accountability
  • Peace
  • Time for self-care
  • Chakra cleansing for increased energy
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Great sleep

We had such a calm, knowledgeable, passionate and encouraging teacher and the list above shows just some of what can be achieved with a 21 day course.   Lisa J – London