About Me


Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that I will meet you at an online class  or in-person at The Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham.   I like to draw on  all of my life experiences, as well as my professional trainings to help you find the healer within.  I have learnt so much about myself realising that I didn’t have to listen to the critical, self-sabotaging voice in my head.  That I could learn new ways to cope with life without having to suppress or escape my thoughts and feelings  with unhealthy addictive behaviours which led me to a dark place.

My first step was to admit that I needed help to create a different life.  With the support of a 12 step fellowship I embarked on a programme of change which allowed me to come to terms with my shortcomings and stop drinking.  This experience led me to delve deeper into the more spiritual aspects of the programme starting in India.  I have spent the last 6 years working on my own self- development and continual studying to gain professional qualifications so I can pass on what has helped me with my own transformation to others.   I have learnt to truly appreciate life and all it’s lessons, learning to release what is no longer serving me and finding that contentment and peace which comes from within by finally being comfortable with who I am.   

I am very fortunate to live on a hill surrounded by a common with my amazing partner of 10 years.  I have two wonderful children who both have lovely partners and I am so looking forward to being Granny Sam!   I am also very lucky to have my incredible family, beautiful friends and I am looking forward to meeting new ones through these teachings.

Thank you for the proof reading of this website to my daughter Beth, to friends Sarah & Julian for the use of their  gorgeous yoga room and having pictures taken of them in class along with Sue, Jane, Rachel and Helen.  Also thank you for the photography from my freelance son Jack. www.themerronlens.com



I was fortunate enough to experience my Yoga teacher training at The Sattva Yoga Academy based in Risikesh, India.   The Sattva Yoga teacher training is designed to immerse students into the whole aspects of yoga, from the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects as well as authentic Himalayan Kryia yoga, Meditation and Vedic wisdom.   During the extensive training I experienced a deep transformation, released bio-memory, let go of my self-limiting beliefs  and was able to explore such questions as “Who am I” and  “What is my purpose?”  I learnt to change my thinking from why is life happening to me ? To why is life happening for me.

I also studied online and travelled to Ibiza with YogaTreat adding Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra to my qualifications.

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Studying The InnerCamp Breathwork  300 hour training has given me a professional advantage.   Using cutting – edge breathwork proven by science.  The course was so extensive and covering everything from physiology, psychology, holding a safe space and being trauma informed to the effects of music on your brainwaves and studying  the main different types of Breathwork practices out there which was absolutely fascinating.  We also had to work on our own ‘shadow’ side with access to counsellors to help ensure we were mentally equipped to deal with all situations that may arise in a calm, professional manner.


I have completed my reiki 1 and 2 training at The Isbourne  in Cheltenham under the lovely Jo Fellows who traces her Reiki lineage back to Usui Mikao.
I am able to offer distance healing and in person at The Isbourne in Cheltenham.


Having completed my initial training with Richard Knight I can do Tarot readings for you online .   I have now joined the Richard Knight Professional Tarot Academy to study how Tarot can be used in conjunction with in depth Intuitive and Transformational Coaching which I am looking forward to be offering in the New Year.