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Welcome to whatever has drawn you to this website. I hope that you will find a technique that will help optimise your energy, refine your nervous system, improve your overall well-being and find a new spring in your step. 

Yoga Styles

Integrative Practices for personal change. Classes can be tailor made to suit your requirements choosing from:

HATHA -focusing on the  breath and body with postures and stretches. Calm the mind with meditation and relaxation at the end.

KRYIA  – working the energetic body, balancing the chakra system & refining the nervous system. Achieved  by invigorating breath and energy work.  Releasing bio-memory and negative patterns.  A series of Kryia exercises can be used in 21 day programmes or in conjunction with other classes.

VINYASA using pranayama breathing techniques and postures that flow from one to the next to create a fluid class with relaxation to finish.

RESTORATIVE – with breathing techniques and Yin Yoga stretches that target the connective tissues. Learn meditation techniques to reduce stress and find space between your thoughts. Experience yoga nidra the state of consciousness between awake and asleep.

SATTVA YOGA HIMALAYAN JOURNEY – A 90min class includes:  Breathing & Meditation techniques, a combination of the above yoga styles, and a long Savasana guided by yoga nidra.  

Breathwork a therapy without talking

What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?  (CCB) is when you connect your inhale and exhale without a pause, known as circular breathing.   Many changes begin to happen during a session, and once you establish the circular pattern, participants can experience an altered state of consciousness similar to the effects of plant medicines such as Ayahuasca.  During this state the analytical part of our brain begins to quieten down .  This allows our protective brakes to come off revealing our memories and unprocessed emotions, which can account for using up to 75% of our bodies energy to keep them down making us constantly tired without realising why.

CCB can be like opening a huge dam, letting these trapped emotions and life experiences out, which are often inaccessible through conventional talking therapies.  

The results of blocked emotional Energy:  

In scientific literature the links between suppressed emotions and physical health problems are now recognised.  “In my experience many illnesses are related to blocked emotional energy. The repressed emotional energy that stays within our body wreaks havoc on our immune system by upsetting our inner balance.    Studies have shown that a significant proportion of people who developed cancer suffered from an emotionally traumatic experience within the preceding year.”  Dr Saul Hendler Scientist & Physician

Arthur Janov, psychologist wrote:  “People who participate in regular emotional clearing work experience dramatic changes in their Physiology.”  “ Those who repress their emotions and traumas are likely to suffer with mood disorders, stress and addictions” 

CCB Benefits:

  • Allows a physical and emotional release
  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Decreases the heart rate
  • Decreased muscle tension and inflammatory response
  • Better mood and sleep patterns
  • More energy, feeling alive and positive
  • Feelings of love and spiritual connection
  • Clarity of thoughts, focus and concentration 
  • Increased feelings of calmness and overall health and wellbeing


As this Breathwork can be  physically and mentally challenging there are some conditions on the T&C page that would require you to discuss with your Dr the suitability of Breathwork for your condition. Also there is a more detailed description on the Breathwork page.

“Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I’m one of least ‘spiritually inclined’ guys you’ll meet. But the last few years I’ve been trying to get more that way for various reasons.   I can honestly say my breath-work session with Sam was the most spiritual experience I’ve had to date. It was emotionally cathartic, healing, and I believe I learned something important about my psyche I otherwise wouldn’t have.  As well as clearly knowledgeable/well-practiced, Sam has the perfect presence for the experience. For anyone considering something like this I would simply say take the leap and give it a try. I’m looking forward to my next session already. Thank you, Sam!”

Sam L, Cheltenham


At times in life we find that certain circumstances hit us for six such as a bereavement, divorce, end of relationship, miscarriage, illness etc and our energy is at such a low level we don’t have the energy to do a yoga or breathwork class and need some external help.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan.   Using Universal life Energy I guide this throughout your body, whilst you are lying fully clothed on a therapy bed using hands on healing, or if you prefer no touch then hovering my hands over you. This promotes your own self-healing abilities.  This technique is equally effective as distance healing if you are not local to me.  


  • Improved mood and emotional wellbeing
  • Reduced stress and increased relaxation
  • Better sleep 
  • For people with illnesses or undergoing surgery can experience –
  • Lower blood pressure – anxiety and pain management

Sadhana - Personal Development Coaching

Do you feel you are not quite fulfilling your potential? Perhaps you have discovered from Breathwork, Reiki or Kryia yoga sessions that you have some obstacles that are keeping you in the same patterns of self- sabotaging behaviours. 

The obstacles can range from self- doubt, negative self -talk, procrastination, feelings of guilt and shame, holding onto resentments, fear and apathy.   Also you may want to break some habits that have become ingrained in you. Your everyday actions and lifestyle choices develop into muscle memory.  Then your conditioning and beliefs about yourself make you perceive how others judge you . This is your Bio-Memory.   Don’t worry if you don’t believe you can change, I am living proof that a leopard can change it’s spots!   I can work with you to create your own personal Sadhana or you can join a 21 day online group.  A 21 Sadhana incorporating a Kryia set can be created for:

  • Breaking free from destructive patterns
  • Strengthening Will Power
  • Stabilising the Nervous system and Brain Health
  •  Strengthening Gut health & Intelligence.  
  • Reducing anxiety set
  • Self Healing and strengthening Intuition set. 

What is a Sadhana?

The term sadhana comes from the Sanskrit root, sadhu, meaning “go straight to a goal”. In the yogic tradition of routinely applying mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of a goal, to find relief from suffering and to attain peace.  

Discipline is arguably the most important facet of sadhana, so it does help to practice at the same time each day. The time of day itself is not important – for some, practicing sadhana soon after awakening helps them to keep up the practice without distraction or excuses, whereas for others, evenings allow them more focus or concentration.

I have recently been seeing Sam for a combination of reiki and personal development coaching.
The treatments with Sam have been so healing.
She is professional and caring, offering gentle guidance. This time has been so restoring for me.
The reiki has been very relaxing and powerful.
Sam has guided me to value myself and is teaching me to trust my intuition.
I’ve also had a tarot reading with Sam which reinforced the information I was given during another spiritual reading elsewhere.
If you would like to put some time into yourself, make changes or would like some support I can’t recommend Sam highly enough.”

Tarot Readings

I fell into learning how to read Tarot cards completely by accident or was it…..! Did the Universe have plans for me when I was enrolling for another course and there was a special offer to add on the Tarot Course which has led me to joining a CMA accredited Professional Tarot Academy to offer  transformational and Intuitive Coaching.  To be honest I had the perception of a lady dressed in black at a fair with a turban, crystal ball and black cat, charging for guessing things from looking at tell tale white lines where wedding rings have been.    Completing this course and practising now,  I realise that  like Reiki I’m a channel to pass on what the Tarot cards reveal to you using universal energy and my intuitive abilities .  

I have learned that the same relevant  cards applicable to you will keep appearing no matter how well you shuffle.  I now understand that the Tarot Cards are more of a Self- Development tool  that I can use to help you move forward in a positive way if you feel stuck or you may be experiencing obstacles in your way.  Tarot readings can be separate from my other offerings or in conjunction with them, with a group of friends for a Tarot party or individually online or in person. Details on deep transformational intuitive coaching coming soon.