Transformational 5 night Retreat at Holland House, Pershore.


The Transformational retreats have a similar feel to the 21 day online courses but with many additional experiences added in, including a daily Sattva Journey where we incorporate different themes e.g. to go from low self esteem to acceptance and compassion.   We deliver the journeys through pranayama (breathing), asana’s (physical poses), meditation, kryias (working with the energetic body), mantras and mudras (symbolic hand gestures), yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and affirmations.   These practices are combined in a journey which can last up to two hours and they are designed to transcend the mind, to shift and master your energy, enliven all energetic levels of the body, move beyond our self imposed boundaries, let go of our past and childhood conditioning and find inner peace and contentment.   We will both be on hand to guide and support you at Holland House, we feel this venue will  enhance your experience as it has so many quiet spaces for you to reflect on the journeys both inside the house and around the peaceful, beautiful grounds leading down to the River Avon.  Don’t expect any fluffy dressing gowns and spa facilities, we are not offering that sort of retreat but what Holland House does offer is a safe, comforting nurturing house that is warm and clean with kind, friendly staff, comforting food that will help with your transformation over your 5 nights stay with us.

We are holding one day yoga retreats to give you a taster of our transformational residential retreats.  Please see our ‘yoga days out’ page for more details. 

Transformational 5 night Retreat – Sunday 13th November to Friday 18th November 2022  at Holland House, Pershore.

A typical day on your retreat

  • 7am  Meditation & affirmation setting
  • 7.30am -8.00am fruit and hot drink and journaling 
  • 8.00-9.30am Sattva Journey
  • 9.30am – breakfast and  you can now break your silence! 
  • 11.30 – 1.30pm workshop
  • 1.30pm lunch
  • 2.30pm free time / planned activity 
  • 4pm afternoon tea
  • 5.30pm evening restorative practice with a guided yoga nidra
  • 6.30pm dinner
  • 8pm Satsung ( a Sanskrit word meaning a sacred gathering ) including a review of your day and any questions that arise from the journeys or anything else)
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