Who we can help

What we cover

Maybe you would like us to teach your own group in the comfort of your home or workplace.

Sam covers Cheltenham and the surrounding areas and Sonia covers Nailsworth and the surrounding areas. Online we can cover anywhere. 

So far we have helped individuals deal with the emotional  side of life- changing surgery and illnesses.

We also help clients with Panic attacks, and other stress related disorders.

Private clients

We can tailor make a program for your specific needs and we will offer a free 30 minute consultation to suggest what would be most beneficial for you.  This can range from the physical postures, to moving through blocked energy,  to meditation and breathing methods to help you the most.

Private groups

If you are not quite ready to return to the gym but miss the company, why not get a group of you together .  You just need one of you to have a large enough space to practice.. 

Examples of our private Group experiences are: Yoga and meditations sessions for hen and stag weekends , to leading Yoga and meditation journeys with workshops on a camping retreat.

Business clients

We can also help support your staff as we come out the other side of lockdown.  Many staff are struggling to make the transition from home working back to the office.  We offer a wellbeing workshop for you and your staff and leave you with a toolkit of ways to cope with the changes or we can arrange anything from a regular meditation session to an energy building breath class or a stretch and release tension session with relaxation techniques before or after work or perhaps even  at lunchtime.   We can also leave you all with some guided meditation practices to take home.

Male clients

Perhaps you have been advised by your doctor to lower your blood pressure, or to reduce your stress levels with a healthy option, instead of pills BUT you aren’t keen to try yoga in a busy group setting.  We can help!  We can offer this service on-line initially, or we are happy to teach a group of friends.

Sonia’s area

Sam’s area