Mind Spa Experience

Every Thursday 7.30pm - 8.15pm
Live stream on Zoom

A 5 week course from 13th January 2022 - 10th February

This course consists of 5 x 45minute sessions each week we will have a different theme and the format will be:

  • 5 min welcome and introduction of the theme
  • 5 min of pranayama -breath work
  • 10 min guided meditation
  • 5 min silent meditation
  • 20 min yoga nidra
Themes covered;
Week 1 – Building compassion for yourself and others
Week 2 – Changing negativity into positivity
Week 3 – Reducing stress and worry
Week 4 – Cultivating happiness
Week 5 – Mental relaxation for sleep 

Come and join us for our weekly online live Zoom mind spa experience, where we encompass breathwork, meditation and yoga nidra for a fully immersive relaxation session to help relax and calm down your mind.  Whether you are experienced in all three of these practices and would like to try a new group or if you are a complete beginner and would like to start practicing  you will be made very welcome each week by Sam and Sonia.  We start our 45 minutes together with a different pranayama (breathwork)  exercise each week, then a guided meditation practice finishing with a few moments of silent meditation, and end with a relaxing yoga nidra, yogic sleep, although you stay alert as we guide you into a state of complete relaxation and peace .  Yoga nidra is  a form of meditation that you ’receive’ instead of ‘do’ ideal for anyone who thinks they can’t meditate or suffers from lack of sleep and worry.  After the practice you feel refreshed and much calmer as the brain files away your day in your long term memory leaving you with more space and less thoughts.

Worrying is easy.  What we don’t often realise is that it can also ruin our happiness!  Our guided meditations lead you to a place of mental well-being, peace and happiness, even when life is very difficult.  When things go wrong in our life and we encounter difficult situations, we tend to regard the situation itself as our problem, but in reality whatever problems we experience come from our mind.  Therefore if we want to be happy, strong, and successful we must learn to develop and control our mind!  Perhaps you have been asked to lower your blood pressure by your doctor, or you need to reduce your stress levels.  Perhaps you suffer from anxiety or would like to increase your attention span, increase your memory capacity or help overcome problems with addictive behaviours.  Meditation has been proven to help in these cases. 


Sarah Lazar PhD research and lecturer at Harvard University states “One of the primary findings from meditation studies is an increase in quality of life.  Many people report that regardless of what happens with their symptoms, they feel happier and their symptoms don’t bother then as much as they used to.  It is not a cure-all but it does seem to benefit most people in some way”.

*See the link to her video for more information and benefits https://www.youtu.be/m8rRzTtP7Tc

So the combination of the three practices should make you feel like your mind has experienced a trip to the spa without leaving your home.

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