Your 21 Day Transformational Course To Rebalance Your Body And Mind

We can’t fix you but we can guide you through the methods that are necessary for you to begin your own personal transformation with understanding and compassion. We will support you through your journey because we have been through our own. We use our own personal experiences of overcoming difficult times to help you through yours.


We can nurture you during this process. Using ancient eastern technology, but with a western twist, the Dark Ginger Yoga duo will guide you through your own personal transformation course. Sam and Sonia know how important it is for you to feel held and supported, every step of the way, during your 21 day journey. Think of them as your own personal mentors for 21 days. We transform through Sādhanā (sad-an-a), a term that comes from the yogic tradition. It is a daily practice of mindful living, undertaken in the pursuit of a goal. We use a technology called a kriya, which is essentially a powerful moving meditation.

Is this for you and what is included?

This course has a lot of content, but has been designed with busy people in mind so it can fit around your current daily commitments. It is for you if you have disturbed sleep, are constantly running on autopilot, feel like you are existing but not fully living or feel like you are overwhelmed by your thoughts. We teach you healthy ways instead of short term fixes to deal with life. We do this through;

  • 21 live daily 7am Zoom accountability classes
  • 8 hours worth of live online wisdom workshops
  • peer support, sangha (community) on a closed facebook group
  • individual mentor support
  • breathwork
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • a series of sleeping audios
  • positive affirmations
  • sub conscious guided meditations
  • comprehensive downloadable course notes
  • homework including journaling and gratitude lists
  • Level 1 graduation certificate
  • loyalty bonus for future courses, yoga days and retreats

What can you expect from your 21 day course?

We know from our own experience that in around  30 minutes each morning and 20 minutes each evening, for 21 days of consistent practice , that you too can experience a rebalance of mind, body and soul as well as increased energy levels.  We have created this 21 day Sadhana to give your entire body, mind, and soul a much needed reset — if you invest the time in yourself, you will experience a tremendous shift.  Many, including Sam, Sonia and the customers from the Testimonial page have experienced this rapid shift already. We know how powerful this work is and the more you practice, greater is the shift that takes place.

Our transformational courses are designed for people who want to change the way they feel from the inside out and no longer want to use external influences such as alcohol, drugs, holidays, shopping, social media, gambling and comfort eating to change the way they feel.  This ancient technology, learned directly from the source, changes your behavior patterns such as over thinking, over analysis, procrastination, anxiety, foggy head, lack of purpose and direction.  This course will be for you if  you’re not living to your best potential, if you feel like there is a piece of the jigsaw of life missing.

Don’t worry!  Help is at hand.  By using our methods we can start releasing bio-memory held in your body and begin to clear stuck energy and release Samskara’s – which are embedded damaging memories from the past which can cloud your present day judgement.

You may have tried to change but felt so deflated as you defaulted  back to old patterns of the past that keep you in the same old cycle of destructive behaviours.  Maybe  it’s your time to try something new.   All we ask for is an open mind and a willingness to change and commit to 21 days.

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What is going to change if you fully commit to a daily practice?

  • Your nervous system, switch out of flight or fight mode to rest and restore
  • Your stories – release old patterns of behaviour
  • Your brain – creating new neural pathways  from a consistent meditation practice
  • Your accountability checking in for 21 days
  • Your breathing
  • Your digestion
  • Your routine and conscious living
  • Your constant thoughts
  • Your attitude on life
  • Your energy levels
  • Your feelings and how you process them 
  • Your whole being as you re-balance your body and mind

Now you know there’s a solution, take the plunge, don’t be held back anymore.  Invest in your future happiness and come and join us! Secure your place, and book now.